who are you? where are you? how are you?

Welcome friends! I am overjoyed that you are interested in digging deeper into what goes into my dyes. My name is Joseph, my brother is Alex, and my son, Vincent, and together we make up Big Family Dyes. We are based in Napa, California.

I became interested in tie dye in 2018. Once I began wearing it I quickly realized how much of a positive effect it had on the people around me. Tie dye and smiles go together like pasta and olive oil. My greatest sources of influence come from my son, my cats, my brothers, all friends and family, the sun, water, Grateful Dead, LSD, High Winds, Terence McKenna, Jesus Christ, yoga, KRSHNA, Fleetwood Mac, the ocean, Online Ceramics, Swiss chard, Ram dass, Steely Dan, Mac Dre, Gucci mane(big Gucci early 2000s Gucci), skateboarding, pasta, feral cats, the moon, all beings with good intentions. 

Virtually all of my garments are dyed using ice. I use the highest quality dyes to achieve the most vibrant colors. All of my garments are hand washed with care to ensure proper color fasting and maximum swag. Everything is air dryed to avoid shrinkage and disfiguration.

By sharing my art I hope to offer you something very special and unique that will uplift you and those around you. What I bring are one of a kind pieces that I have worked hard to produce using good intention, environmentally friendly practice, and high quality materials. I am confident that I have something here to make everyone feel special no matter your interests. If you don't see something that is right in your Q-zone or have some other ideas to share with me please don't hesitate to send me an email. Thank you.

Love all. Serve all. Peace on earth.